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Fava Day Kids is devoted to helping the families of local children under the age of 18 fighting cancer. Children with cancer are true warriors. They undergo aggressive treatment and long hospital stays that are physically and mentally trying. Cancer treatment is expensive. Even the best insurance can fall short of meeting a family’s expenses while caring for a child who is fighting cancer. Our goal is to provide assistance as families continue to work, run their households, and do their best to provide a continued quality of life.


Since 1994, Fava Day Kids has supported local children with cancer and their families.  Fava Day Kids has grown from a backyard fundraiser among friends to an official non-profit organization.  Fava Day Kids is successful because of the generous support of the local community through volunteer efforts, cash donations, and donations of auction items.


Fava Day is an annual fundraiser gathering that includes a live and silent auction. It is always held on May 9th. However, Fava Day Kids, Inc., welcomes and appreciates your support throughout the year.


Fava Day

Always May 9th!

Stanislaus County Fairgrounds

Building E-2

5:30 PM


Delicious Fava Beans

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